The next 7-day sesshin will be held in Sanneji 4.2.-11.2.2023. Sesshin will be led by sensei Sangen Salo.

Sesshin is a zen meditation retreat, where one has the possibility to dive into intensive practice in a traditional setting. It is an opportunity for practice without disturbances, leaving everyday concerns behind and putting full emphasis on the present moment.

In addition to zazen, the daily schedule includes teisho (a talk given in the zendo by the teacher) and dokusan (private instructions). There are also work meditation periods with simple kitchen and housekeeping work.

The cost of the sesshin is 250 euros for members and 360 euros for non-members, and it is to be paid before the beginning of the sesshin.

Bank account details:

Helsinki Zen Center ry/Sanneji

IBAN: FI24 4170 0010 1784 20

Message: Sesshin

Since there are only a few people living in Sanneji at the moment, we kindly ask those who can to arrive earlier to help with the sesshin preparations, for example one or two days in advance or on Saturday morning. Please write on your application if it is possible for you to arrive earlier. 

There will be transport offered from Karjaa train station before the start of sesshin and back to Karjaa after sesshin has ended on Saturday afternoon. The price of the transport is included in the sesshin fee. If you wish to come by car the address is: Sannäsintie 418, 10300 Raasepori.

Applying for the sesshin:

Below there is a link to the sesshin application form, you can apply by filling out the form and pressing the “Lähetä” button. The form is in both Finnish and English. Please apply as soon as possible, at the latest on the 24th of January.

Application form

Upcoming sesshins 2023

4.-11. February

1.-8. April

4.-7. May (3-day sesshin)

3.-10. June

29. July – 5. August

8.-10. September (1-day sesshin)

30. September – 7. October

2.-9. December

NB Covid-19: If you notice any symptoms that may be covid-19 related, please stay home.

If you have any questions regarding sesshin, you can send a message to the zendo leader:
Tel. +358 40 166 06 14 / or via email: sannPOISTA