A sesshin is a silent zen meditation retreat, where you can deepen your practice in a traditional setting. It offers an opportunity to work and concentrate intensely without the distractions and duties of everyday life.

All of our sesshins last for seven days and there are about nine hours of zazen daily. In addition to zazen, there is recitation, teisho (a talk given by the sensei), dokusan and some light work.

Sesshins 2021

  1. – 20. February
  2. – 24. April
  3. – 12. June
  4. July – 7. August
  5. – 16. October
  6. – 11. December

NB Covid-19: If you notice any symptoms that may be covid-19 related, please stay home.

Payment: The sesshin fee is 250 € for members and 360 € for others, and is due before the sesshin begins.

Registrations and enquiries:
Tel. +358 40 166 06 14 / zendo-leader Sonja or via email: sannPOISTA