Schedule and visiting

Daily schedule

5.25 Wake up
5.50 – 7.15 Zazen and chanting
8.00 Breakfast
8.40 Work meeting
10.10 Tea break
10.40 Work continues
12.10 Lunch
12.40 Work wrap up
13.10 Break
15.00 – 16.30 Zazen
16.30 Break
19.00 – 21.00 Zazen

Zazen (坐禅) is Japanese for sitting meditation. It is the core of our practice.

One round of zazen lasts for 40 minutes, apart from the morning, when it is 50 minutes, and the last round in the evening, when it is 20 minutes. In the longer rounds, there is a bell in the middle to mark the possibility to change posture.

There is an opportunity to meet with our teacher, Sangen-sensei, every week in dokusan, a private meeting. A visitor can request a dokusan if needed.

Breakfast and lunch are formal, meaning that they start with a chant and the meal is shared in silence. For dinner everyone is free to serve themselves in the kitchen during the afternoon break.

In Sanneji, there is one big dormitory and several smaller rooms for both residents and visitors.


You are welcome to stay in Sanneji for one day, a weekend, a longer period or to come just for a block of zazen. Please contact us via email or by phone before visiting.

If you haven’t attended an introductory course to zen (for example, in Helsinki Zen Center, Sanneji Zendo Tampere or Sanneji Zendo Turku), please let us know before your arrival. You will receive a short introduction before participating in zazen.

All shorter visits should take place between Wednesday and Sunday. The residents’ free-time starts on Monday mid-morning and ends on Wednesday morning. If your stay will exceed a week, you are welcome to stay for the free days.

The best time for arrival and departure is 9.00-11.30. If this is not possible for you, the optional times for arriving in the afternoon are 13.30-14.30 and 16.30 – 18.00.

To bring with you:
-Clothes suitable for both inside and outside work
-Clothes suitable for zazen, preferably of dark and neutral colour and without pattern or text. In summertime, please remember to cover your shoulders and knees in zendo.
In wintertime it may be quite cold in the house, especially in the zendo, so you might want to bring some warm clothes with you.

Arriving to Sanneji:
The nearest train station is Karjaa, where we can pick up visitors by car. The trip from the station to Sanneji takes around seven minutes.

If you arrive with your own car, there is a spacious parking place right after the gate. The address is: Sannäsintie 418, 10300 Raasepori.

Bank information for donations:
There is no fixed price for visiting. Everyone can support activity in Sanneji by dana, a donation. The usual amount of dana given has been 10-35 € per night.

There is also a dana box by the entrance, where you can make donations for sensei and residents.

Helsinki Zen Center ry/Sanneji
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Tel. +358 40 166 06 14 / zendo-leader or via email: sannPOISTA